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Run for Biodiversity

USC Canada's Run for Biodiversity (R4B)
USC Canada helps farmers grow healthy food for their families, in ways
that are kind to the environment and that nurture biodiversity. We were
founded in 1945 by Dr Lotta Hitschmanova, one of Canada's most beloved humanitarian leaders.

Why Run for Biodiversity?
Each year, USC joins millions of people around the world in celebrating
International Biodiversity Day (May 22).  Biodiversity is all about food
and farmers.  It's the earth's life-support system, and nature's brilliant insurance 
policy against disaster. If something fails, there's a back-up plan: Biodiversity! Team R4B Ottawa On May 24-25, dozens of R4B runners (and walkers!) will be "going the distance" to support seed-saving farmers in Ethiopia . You can join them too. Just visit our Run for Biodiversity website, or send an email to David Rain. Thanks for your support, and thanks to the farmers who grow our food!

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