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Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend Newsletter
Current Issue: October 2012

Race News

October 2012

Autumn is in the Air

One question. Where the heck did summer go? The days are shrinking and the temperatures have cooled somewhat, particularly in the mornings and/or evenings. Over the next few weeks the leaves will briefly burn bright oranges, yellows and reds before falling en masse to carpet Ottawa lawns and streets.

Yep, autumn’s definitely in the air. Which makes this a perfect time for both reflecting back on the accomplishments of spring/summer 2012, and also looking forward to next year’s races and (fingers crossed) PBs. As the poet Mark Doty puts it, autumn is a “season of new beginnings, starting again. Cool nights, warming colors, sharper stars, friends coming back together after time scattered, the stimulation of a new season in the city.” We couldn’t agree more.

But it all happens so fast, doesn’t it? One day you’re worried about how to stay cool during a long run, the next day you’re worried about how to stay warm – shivering as a chill breeze comes into contact with your sweat-damp gear, or coming inside after an early morning workout with your forehead ribbed from the impress of a snug-fitting toque.

Well, the quick turn of seasons is just part of what makes Ottawa special. It’s part of what makes distance athletes who live and train in Northern climates so hardcore. You adjust. You throw on another layer. You keep going. And that’s what endurance sport is all about: meeting each new challenge, adjusting to each new twist, making friends with adversity, digging down, keeping on...

Speaking of which, in this issue of the Pulse, you’ll find key info on Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2013 registration, the remarkable achievement of our Olympic marathoners, what it takes to make it as a pace bunny in the Ottawa Marathon, and how to avoid gastrointestinal distress so you can run the race you want.

Also, be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page ( and our Twitter feed (@ottawamarathon) for all the latest news and info on Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2013.
October 2012

Find out why so many runners say, “I love this race!”

So, let us reflect for a moment on this past spring and say, wow, Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2012 was pretty dang amazing! Indeed, we witnessed another entirely fantastic weekend full of athletic feats, gutsy performances, a community of runners coming together to celebrate sport, and an electric race atmosphere powered by legions of enthusiastic supporters and spectators.

For this we’d like to say a few very big “thank yous.” To all our sponsors who helped make it happen, including our new title sponsor, Tamarack Homes; to all the runners, wheelers and walkers who gave it their all on race day; to the volunteers who donated time and energy to make Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend a destination event for runners from around the world; and to the people of Ottawa who cheered their lungs out and gave visitors to our great city an exceptionally warm welcome. In short, thanks to everyone who helped make Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2012 so kickass! It’s no wonder that so many people – from elite athletes to first-time marathoners to spectators on the sidelines – continue to say, “I love this race.”

In fact, you may have noticed that our new theme and logo is inspired by the love that so many runners feel for the Ottawa Marathon and for the entire Race Weekend experience. It’s a fresh look for a new season – a theme that celebrates the passion of our participants and the many different elements that come together to make Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend a one-of-a-kind event.

But since we don’t like to pat ourselves on the back too much or for too long (we have another Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend to prepare for after all), we’ll let the New England Runner magazine take it from here. To check out their detailed take on an exciting Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2012, click here.

October 2012

Register early to avoid a disappointing result!

Now it’s time to look ahead. Because so many runners love these races and look forward to Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend each year, events tend to sell out early. For example, last year the 10K and Half-Marathon events were completely sold out by the end of February, and the 2K and 5K events were sold out before the snow was off the ground. That’s early. Meaning if you want to secure your place on the starting line, you need to move fast. Registration for Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2013 is now open, so best not sleep on it!

To register now, click here to visit the Run Ottawa web site.

Canadian Ski Marathon and Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend unite!
But wait, there’s more! If you register for both Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2013 and the Canadian Ski Marathon by October 8th, you automatically win a Canadian Ski Marathon Adventure t-shirt!
If you have already registered for the Canadian Ski Marathon, sign up for your Ottawa Marathon event and then email [email protected] to claim your shirt. If you haven’t yet registered for the Canadian Ski Marathon, this is your chance to still take advantage of their early bird rate (which is officially closed). Email [email protected] before October 8th to register!

So let’s review. Save money by registering early for both events. Stay motivated and fit during the winter by training and competing in the Canadian Ski Marathon. Guarantee your spot at Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. Win a free Canadian Ski Marathon Adventure t-shirt. Amazing.
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