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Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend Newsletter
Current Issue: November 2013

Le Mot de Joe

November 2013

The 14th Annual Cookie Run – Race Recap

By Joe Du Vall, Run Ottawa Director of Operations

The annual, ‘Cookie Run,’ continues to attract runners and help Girl Guides of Canada raise funds for local groups and their numerous activities. Staged on Saturday, November 2nd, on the campus of the National Research Council on Montreal Road in the city’s east end, this year’s event included a large number of students taking part.

Glebe Collegiate, Samuel Genest and Rockland District High Schools along with Russell Elementary School were represented in the 5 and 10K events, pushing the race registration total to the highest in the event’s history. Throw in the 125 or so youngsters in the 1.5k run, our total registration soared above 800. For full results, please go to and look for the link on the home page under the ‘Cookie Run’ tab.

Glendon Pye, who has been at the helm as race director for the “Cookie Run” since its inception back in 2000, made a few tweaks to the event to better handle this increased participation. He moved the race venue from its long time location at Carson Grove Public School, to Samuel Genest Secondary School and also made a slight alteration to the south end of the route. What Glendon did not plan on was the notice he received 3 days before the race about the construction crew who were set to tear up another section of the route that would not be finished by race day. He made the necessary amendments to the route so that race distances remained accurate and could handle the size of the field. It sounds simple to report, but the process is time consuming. Race directors would rather be crossing off items not adding to the list.

Participants get ready to race at the 14th Annual Cookie Run. Photo: Ian Hunter

Weather on race day is always the topic du jour for runners. While one can do nothing to effect the day’s forecast, it factors greatly on how we prepare as race time draws closer. The day was cool and blustery, the rain stayed away and in the end, no one could complain that the weather was a culprit in terms of performance. The large contingent of students resulted in more spectators and added to the atmosphere at the start/finish lines as the throng of runners racing to the finish seemed endless.

Of course, the title of the race is linked to our partners, the Girl Guides of Ottawa. Besides the famous slogan of “Be Prepared,” they are synonymous with their semi-annual cookie drive, something we take full advantage of. Not too many races give out Girl Guide cookies to age group winners and it is doubtful they gather dust in a drawer or on shelf like a medal or trophy can. The Guides themselves put forth some major ‘Girl Power’ the night before at race kit pick up and race day, out on the route as water station operatives, at the finish line food tent and managing activities inside the school.

Partnerships play a key role to help launch, grow and sustain events in the running community and beyond. The partnership we have forged with the Girl Guides allows both of our organizations to benefit by putting on this great annual event. We like think our runners get some great benefits from the Cookie Run too!

Run Ottawa Club