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Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend Newsletter
Current Issue: May 2012


May 2012

Darwin's Stopwatch: The Evolution of Distance Running

Based on a report from Science Daily.

As distance runners, we always sensed that we were highly evolved. Now there’s scientific proof (or an intriguing theory anyway) that connects our passion for endurance sports with our distant evolutionary past. Indeed, our hunter-gatherer predecessors needed to cover vast distances quickly in order to survive – they were essentially distance athletes. Which means as a species, we’ve been running and relying on our physical endurance for millennia. It’s basically in our DNA. 

But how do scientists know that we’ve been biologically programmed to run and thrive on aerobic exercise? Well, one key clue is what’s commonly known as ‘runner’s high’ – the boost in mood and energy we feel after intense exertion. This euphoric feeling is actually produced by neurological activity in the ‘motivation pathways’ of the brain – the areas of the brain that reward us for ‘good’ evolutionary behaviours, like eating, sex, and as it turns out, distance running.

But an interesting finding is that not all mammals have brains that ‘reward’ aerobic exercise. For example, scientists compared human participants with those from a less endurance-oriented species, the ferret, and found that the affable rodents didn’t get any kind of chemical kick after intense exercise, whereas the reward pathways in the brains of human participants lit up like a Christmas tree.

What does it all mean? That we’ve evolved to engage in aerobic activities like distance running. It’s literally in our blood. Something to keep in mind the next time you’re out on a particularly grueling training run, when you’re muscles and lungs feel like they’re about to give out… Stay focused – another runner’s high is just around the corner.
May 2012

Recommended Reading

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