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Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend Newsletter
Current Issue: Decembre 2013


Decembre 2013

Recipe of the Month - Sticky Toffee Figgy Cupcakes

This might be a seasonal case of Figgy Pudding on the brain, but the following recipe caught our eye when leafing through the December issue of Runner’s World. Not only did the recipe sound like it could feature in a Christmas carol, it sounded delicious (quite possibly more delicious than Christmas pudding—not hard according to some), and we had a can of pumpkin in the cupboard that had been hanging around since Thanksgiving. Plus, we can never resist recipes involving coffee.

For all the recipe details, visit Runner’s World: Sticky Toffee Figgy Cupcakes (the recipe is Chef Gesine Bullock-Prado’s).

The results: After heading out to find some dried figs and almond oil, we mixed up all the ingredients and got those cupcakes in the oven. The result was a super moist (while low in fat) cupcake/muffin hybrid with a very nice level of sweetness. The toffee topping added a delicious, decadent nutty twist, but if you want to further cut the fat (or don’t have any almond oil on hand) we think you could leave it out and still have a nice, rich post-run snack. These were ever better on the second day.

And now to the chorus (to the tune of We Wish You a Merry Christmas):

O, bring us some Sticky Toffee Figgy Cupcakes,
O, bring us some Sticky Toffee Figgy Cupcakes,
O, bring us some Sticky Toffee Figgy Cupcakes,
And bring them right here!

Decembre 2013

Holiday Nutrition Tips

We don’t have a column from our Sport Nutritionist Beth Mansfield this month, but we couldn’t help wondering whether, from a nutritional perspective, it would be better to eat our Sticky Toffee Figgy Cupcakes before or after our long run.

Conveniently, the December issue of Runner’s World had the answer. Check out the Runner’s World Holiday Food Guide for whether to eat pie (or cupcakes) before or after the run, along with some other useful holiday eating tips, such as that perennial stumper: wine or beer?

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