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Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend Newsletter
Current Issue: April 2013

Recommended Reading

April 2013

Recommended Reading – Sweat Science

Alex Hutchinson holds a doctorate in physics, ran middle distance on the Canadian national team, and, by all accounts, plays a mean jazz saxophone. But it’s through his work as a sports journalist—a very science-minded sports journalist—that we have come to know this multi-talented runner.

In his Sweat Science blog, now a part of the Runner’s World online stable, Alex trains his critical eye as a scientist on the latest sports research. We’re thankful he does. Alex goes beyond sensational headlines, digging into to the research, questioning methods, and looking at how the findings might apply not only to test subjects in a lab—but to you and me. Will exercising fewer times a week produce better results? Do minimalist shoes really simulate barefoot running? Let Alex break it down.

While the Sweat Science blog is our feature this month, we can’t wrap up our review without pointing to some of Alex’s other great sports writing, including his book, Which comes first, Cardio or Weights? and his award-winning long-form magazine articles. In one of our favourite pieces, Alex blends a riveting account of Reid Coolsaet’s Olympic qualifying race with some of the recent research about VO2 max. Check it out and then go run with the leaders!

You can find out more about Alex Hutchinson at

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