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Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend Newsletter
Current Issue: March 2014

Spring has arrived-at least according to the calendar. So, here's a shout out to everyone who ground out the kilometres through the polar vortex. We did it. And in the process, we built up huge mental toughness for our spring races-unless it starts to snow again, at which point, cue the tears.

This month it's all about getting into the zone. Coach Dave tells us how to get into the race day mindset with a practice race, while Dr. Mansfield gives us the skinny on using nutrition to get maximum workout benefit. Best of all, Boston Marathon Champion Wesley Korir took some time out to give us a serious dose of inspiration.

Let's go spring!

Race News

March 2014

Race bibs for sale!

Missed out on register a sold out race? Have a bib to sell? Then you'll want to check out the Bib Market, our new tool that makes it easier than ever to find race bibs that runners can no longer use. Read More »

March 2014

Le Team du Rob rolls on

Take a visit to the Run Ottawa blog and find out how our team of blogging runners are making out as they check off the kilometres on their way to the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon. Read More »


March 2014

Interview: Wesley Korir, Boston Marathon Champion

We chatted with the 2012 Boston Marathon Champion, and found out why he chose Ottawa for his first Canadian Marathon and why his second job has changed his running goals. Read More »


March 2014

Practice makes perfect: Tips for Warm Up Races

Coach David Harding of the Ottawa Running Club gives us the lowdown on practice races, including how to set expectations and what to take away from this critical component of a complete training program. Read More »


March 2014

Q&A with Beth Mansfield, Ph.D.

This month our sport nutrition expert, Dr. Beth Mansfield, tells us why post-workout nutrition is so important to performance—potentially even more important than the training itself. Read More »

March 2014

Recipe of the Month

This month we say hello to Farm Boy and pick a deliciously fruitful smoothie recipe (that's also full of post-workout recovery goodness) from their "recipe of the week" vault. Read More »

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