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Kennedy Foundation

The Paul Kennedy Team was created in May 2003 to honour an incredible 22 yr
old man tragically killed in a car accident while working. Paul donated
eight of his organs & tissues to eight individuals

The main focus of Paul’s Team is to raise awareness of the urgent need for
organ and tissue donation and to encourage people to register  & become a
donor. There are approximately 4,000 Canadians waiting for the gift of
life---many of which await a heart, liver, lungs, kidney or small bowel
transplant, etc. Nearly one third of those awaiting these major organs will
die without a second chance at life.

To think of others and donate one’s organs and tissues is truly a
compassionate and selfless act. Please join with us and “Open your Heart to
Organ and Tissue Donation” Register today to become a donor at

For more information and how to donate to Mary Archer in Trust, please visit
our website @
Run Ottawa Club