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Infolettre de la Fin de semaine des courses Tamarack d'Ottawa
Current Issue: January 2014

A happy, belated, New Year from all of us at Run Ottawa! It's hard to believe, but here we are again in January, getting pumped for another amazing year of running. It's a bit cold and dark out there, but we know the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend (and sunny spring weather) is already on your mind - almost all our events are already sold out! So, here is an issue of the Pulse dedicated to starting your year of running on the right foot.

Inside you'll find an interview with Eleanor Thomas, the women's winner of the first ever Ottawa Marathon; five tips for starting your winter training program; and a great "rate your plate" nutrition exercise from Dr. Beth Mansfield, among a bunch of other good stuff. Let's get to it!

Race News

January 2014

Registration Update

It's no surprise races have been selling out at record pace. Get the latest scoop on Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend registration. Read More »

January 2014

Save on an online training program until January 31st!

Run Ottawa is pleased to announce it has partnered with Cyclide, a customized online training program that can help you reach your goal at the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. Read More »


January 2014

Running Talk with Eleanor Thomas!

The first women's winner of the first Ottawa Marathon tells us about what it was like to race in 1975, and why she laced up for another marathon in 2010. Read More »


January 2014

Five Tips for Winter Training

A Certified Sport Massage Therapist and distance running coach gives us some tips on how to stay injury free when starting a winter marathon program. Read More »


January 2014

Charity Program Q&A

We asked Event Manager and head of our charity program about this important part of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. Read More »

January 2014

Charity: Women's Health Matters Team

Find out why Dr. Sony Singh, Director of Minimally Invasive Gynecology at the Shirley E. Greenberg Women's Health Centre, is running in May. Read More »


January 2014

Nutrition: Rate your plate

Dr. Beth Mansfield gives us a great nutrition exercise for kicking the year off right. Rate your plate and find out if your nutrition is set up for optimal performance. Read More »

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