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Infolettre de la Fin de semaine des courses Tamarack d'Ottawa
Current Issue: December 2013

Upcoming Events

December 2013

The 32nd Annual Richmond Road Races

On Sunday, January 12th, 2014, Run Ottawa invites you to kick off your 2014 race season at the 32nd annual Richmond Road Races, sponsored by our friends at Bushtukah.

If you have ever run this event, you’ll know why it’s an annual favourite, with a friendly, warm atmosphere (to go along with the chilly temperatures) and a post-race lunch that is the perfect opportunity to catch up with old running friends, and make some new ones.

All participants will also receive this darn snazzy long-sleeved technical t-shirt. The race’s new coat of arms features a fox, representing the Town of Richmond’s unique history with that animal (a rabid fox ended the life of the Town’s namesake, the Duke of Richmond) and the motto: “Run Fast or Freeze”. This will be a collector’s item!

The 2014 Richmond Road Races long-sleeved shirt

Like last year, race headquarters will be South Carleton High School in the village of Richmond, Ontario. You can find more details, as well as a link to online registration for either the 10K or 5K events, here: http://www.runottawaclub.ca/richmond-road-races/

Run Ottawa Club