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Infolettre de la Fin de semaine des courses Tamarack d'Ottawa
Current Issue: May 2013

We’re less than two weeks away from the big weekend! Time to focus on rest, nutrition, and the mental game, and deciding what socks to wear on race day. This edition of the Pulse has tips for those last minute preparations (minus the socks) and other weekend highlights. Remember to check out Runner’s Information for lots of useful race day info.

Race News

May 2013

Boston Strong. Ottawa Ready!

Information about how we are remembering Boston at this year’s race and how we are preparing for a safe event in Ottawa. Read More »

May 2013

Welcoming the World’s Best

Find out which elite athletes are including Ottawa on their racing schedule. There are lots to cheer for! Read More »

May 2013

Get Your Fuel On

Find out what flavours of Gatorade and PowerBar Gels will be available on course this year. Read More »

May 2013

Run Ottawa Charity Village

We’re throwing a party on Saturday May 25th. Live music, amazing Greek food, community spirit. See you there! Read More »


May 2013

Taming Your Race Day Jitters

Helpful tips for quieting the mind and readying the body for a winning performance, including a great pre-race routine for the corral. Read More »


May 2013

Coach Rick Mannen

Coach of top Canadian marathoner Krista DuChene, Rick talks about the importance of pace and why everyone can benefit from a coach. Read More »


May 2013

Race Day Words of Wisdom

Beth Mansfield of Peak Performance gives us some great nutrition tips for the week before and the day of your race. Read More »

May 2013

Recipe of the Month

We don't have a recipe this month. But we do have a great video of U.S. marathoner Meb Keflezeghi talking about what he eats on race day. Read More »


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