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Infolettre de la Fin de semaine des courses Tamarack d'Ottawa
Current Issue: March 2013

In this month’s issue of the Pulse, we go over how to transfer a race entry, hear an inspirational story about the Y Kids Marathon, catch up with top Canadian marathoner Krista DuChene, and get some great motivation tips—oh and we answer your nutrition questions. Only 73 days until the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend!

Race News

March 2013

Registration Update

Get the latest registration numbers on the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. Read More »

March 2013

Thank you Robbie!

Our long-time Race Director is retiring after 17 years. Join us in giving him a big thank you. Read More »

March 2013

Bib News – The Scoop on Transfers

We give you the step-by-step on how to transfer your entry if you find out you can’t participate in your event—and how long you have to do it. Read More »


March 2013

A Feature on the Y Kids Marathon and Y Kids Academy

Find out the big difference running the Y Kids Marathon can make in a kid’s life. A first-hand account from an 11-year old Y Kids marathoner. Read More »


March 2013

Running Talk – An Interview with Krista DuChene

We chatted with Canadian distance runner Krista DuChene to find out what it takes to run a half-a dozen PBs in one season—and why the Ottawa 2K holds a special place in her heart. Read More »

March 2013

March Momentum: Tips for Maintaining Motivation

Maintaining motivation through the March slush can be a grind. Here we give you six tips to keep pace with your program and stoke the fire in your belly. Read More »

Health and Nutrition

March 2013

Q&A with Beth Mansfield

Our resident Sports Dietician Beth Mansfield answers readers’ nutrition questions from vegetarian carbo-loading to setting energy budgets. Read More »

March 2013

Recipe of the Month

If you’re increasing the mileage, it might be time to increase the fuel. 92g in carbs should help with that. Hello portobello and asparagus pasta! Read More »

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