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Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

There is a 7 hour enforced time limit for marathon. Runners who have not crossed the Alexandra bridge in 4 hours from the start time(7:00am) will be directed towards the finish line. This is in keeping with our policy of the maximum 7 hour time limit.

Sunday, May 25, 2014 - 7:00AM

The marathon features a fast, scenic route with few elevation changes and travels through some of Ottawa's most vibrant neighbourhoods and popular landmarks. The race is open to all and no qualifying time is required. Considered to be an excellent course for first timers, it should provide an environment conducive to setting a PR. It is a unique course in that it travels through two Canadian provinces.

The course will have:

  • Kilometre markers along the entire route
  • Cheering and entertainment stations
  • Toilets at every water station
  • Full medical services
  • Water Stations can be found here
  • No Strollers are allowed in the Marathon

Course Map

Please click here to view the map

Course Description

  • Start at the corner of Laurier and Elgin; Proceed north to Wellington;
  • Turn right onto Wellington and continue to Colonel By;
  • Turn right on Col. By and continue to Hawthorne;
  • Turn right onto Hawthorne, over Pretoria Bridge and then left onto Queen Elizabeth;
  • Continue on Queen Elizabeth down to Preston; Turn right on Preston down to Carling;
  • Turn left on Carling and continue to Sherwood; Right on Sherwood to Fairmont;
  • Turn right on Fairmont and continue to West Wellington;
  • Left on West Wellington and continue westbound, across Island Park Drive onto Richmond
  • Continue on Richmond to Athlone; Right on Athlone to Scott;
  • Turn right on Scott and continue down to Frederick Banting;
  • Left on Frederick Banting to Columbine; turn right on Columbine down to Parkdale;
  • Left on Parkdale then left onto Sir John A MacDonald Parkway;
  • Continue down Sir John A Parkway to the turnaround just before Island Park;
  • Make the turnaround and head eastbound on Sir John A to Booth;
  • Turn left on Booth and continue over the Chaudiere Bridge onto Eddy St. into Gatineau;
  • Turn left on Alexandre-Tache and continue to Scott (Gatineau);
  • Turn right on Scott and continue to Graham; Left on Graham to Lac des Fee Parkway;
  • Turn right onto Lac des Fee Parkway and continue up to St. John Bosco;
  • Turn right onto St. John Bosco and continue east across St. Joseph Blvd. to Lois;
  • Left onto Lois and continue to Montcalm; Turn right on Montcalm and continue to Wellington;
  • Turn left on Wellington down to Laval; Left on Laval to Hotel de Ville;
  • Right turn onto Hotel de Ville down to Laurier; Left on Laurier past the Museum of Civilization;
  • Turn right onto the Alexandra Bridge and continue back into Ottawa onto St. Patrick;
  • Continue on St. Patrick past the National Gallery and turn left onto Sussex;
  • Northbound on Sussex, past the National Research Council, Prime Minister’s residence and the Governor General’s Residence;
  • Continue on Sussex to Rockliffe Parkway and continue to Birch; Right on Birch to Hemlock;
  • Right on Hemlock, onto Beechwood Rd. all the way to Crichton;
  • Right on Crichton to Dufferin; Left on Dufferin to Stanley; Right on Stanley to Sussex;
  • Left on Sussex and continue past the U.S. Embassy, across Rideau onto Col. By;
  • Continue on Col. By to Hawthorne; Right on Hawthorne over Pretoria Bridge;
  • Turn right onto Queen Elizabeth down to the finish just north of Somerset;

Fly Over

Please note that this years course is the same as last year.

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