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Organismes de bienfaisance endossées

Requirements: Restricted to 10 successful applications and minimum 25- 50 runners required

The ORW will provide the Participating Charities with the following:

  • Use of the Ottawa Race Weekend Logo in Charity advertising and promotional material. The Charity must have approval from ORW prior to use of the logo. If the ORW has a title sponsor included in the name of the Event, then the sponsor name must also be used. (e.g. The ( title sponsor) Ottawa Race Weekend);
  • a link at www.runottawa.ca on our Fundraising page to each Participating Charity web site;
  • Opportunity to purchase a 10 by 10 booth at the expo for the non commercial rate based on availability;
  • Opportunity to register runners as a group.

The Participating Charity agrees to the following:

  • Report all Charity runners registered to run for your charity by 1 May of each year ;
  • Have all charity runners register through the normal on line registration process;
  • Confirm by 1 February booth space(s) required at the Expo and complete Exhibitor form and forward along with payment to the ORW office;
  • Designate a Charity coordinator to be point of contact between Charity and ORW office;
  • Provide ORW with web link ;
  • Develop landing page on Charity’s web site that highlights ORW and outlines complete information for runners looking to run for your Charity ;
  • Devote resources to successfully reach goals and objectives;
  • Charity agrees to comply with all ORW rules and guidelines and all Charity regulations;
  • Provide receipts to all runners who contribute to the fundraising for your organization; and,
  • Keep the ORW current on new developments on your runners and any human interest stories that ORW can use to promote ORW and your Charity;
  • Provide a report to ORW by 15th May each year including:
    • Final number of runners running on behalf of the Charity and volunteers involved in ORW;
    • Total money raised from fundraising efforts associated with ORW;
    • Activities participating in during ORW such as volunteer water stations/cheering stations or other volunteer activities;
    • Any media/promotion activities used to promote charity and ORW;
    • Breakdown of runners with respect to where they are from.

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