What a race!

Almost there! Domenic approaches the finish.

Almost there! Domenic approaches the finish of the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

by Domenic Caminiti, Le Team du Rob -

Wow … what an experience! Looking back over the last six months, a fairly large part of my world was about mileage and check-marks. Looking back at what I set out as my original goals to “(i) have fun, enjoy the day; (ii) recognize how lucky I am to have the health to be able to do this; (iii) show my daughters that their “old man” can do it; and (iv) hope to finish under four hours”, I am delighted to say that I was able to attain all of them :-)  But most of all, I had sooooo much fun as part of this whole experience!

In addition to the race itself, I was able to take part in some of the other really neat aspects of Ottawa Race Weekend, which made it even more special. I participated in the Race Weekend kick-off event, joined in on the 2K fun run, sat in on a couple of press conferences, including one with the 10K elites, as well as joined up with a number of very fine people at the President’s Reception. I was able to finally meet Rob, along with my “Team du Rob” mates, and many other great folks. Rob is one of the most modest, finest gentlemen that I have met … and well behaved on that night …. not even one beer! I also met the first Ottawa Marathon race winner from forty years ago, Medi, Andrew, Shawn, Pat and many others  … great people!

After that night, I left with a few lasting impressions and thoughts from others who had run marathons in the past. First, it is unbelievable how modest marathoners are – incredible! I wish all professional athletes could be like this! Second, there were some words of advice that stuck with me that night and into the early hours of Sunday morning (with my nerves on high alert)! …. “the race starts at 32K” was one, and the other “lions run faster when they are hungry”.

The day itself was awesome … weather was perfect. I felt good right from the start and right up until about 37K, where fatigue started to set in. The last 2.2K were the toughest … my legs were spent!! I wanted to stop, but there were too many people watching at that time :-)  The best part …. crossing the finish line to the cheers of my wife, daughters, Susan Marsh, Rob Watson, Andrew Vincent and Dave Toscano … what a feeling of elation! I could not have asked for anything more …

Domenic celebrates with his cheering section

Domenic celebrates with his cheering section

Domenic Caminiti ran the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon on May 25th, 2014 as part of the Le Team du Rob. Find out more about Domenic and the team