Magical Easter: Running with One Run and Rob Watson

Sinéad Brunet and Rob Watson

Sinéad Brunet and Rob Watson

by Sinéad Brunet -

Having been cooped up all winter, the sun shine and clear roads would have been enough this year to make my Easter weekend runs a ‘hoppy’ one, but the bunny brought me a couple of special presents, making this one Easter I will not soon forget.

Last week I had been looking forward to my long run this weekend, when I was given an opportunity to make that run even better.  The basketball organization my kids play for are getting involved with the breast cancer charity, One Run.  One Run is the amazing brain child of breast cancer survivor and athlete, Theresa Carriere.  On June 13, 2014 she will make her third 100km trek from Sarnia to London to raise money for breast cancer.  I was asked to discuss with her ways that the kids from our teams could get involved and help raise money for the charity.  After several emails back and forth, she suggested we meet for coffee; my husband looked at me and said “Why don’t you two go for a run and discuss it?”  Well, that seemed obvious!  So I made the suggestion and at 6:15 am on Saturday morning I set out to meet her.  I had the best long run of my entire training cycle so far, never even noticing the distance covered as we chatted and I heard her story first hand.  I encourage anyone to take a look at her website ( and learn more about the event.

Sinéad and Rob go for an Easter Run in Rob's hometown of London, ON.

Sinéad and Rob go for an Easter Run in Rob’s hometown of London, ON.

The second running partner I had this weekend should look familiar to all of you…it was none other than Rob Watson!  He had returned home to London to visit family for the holiday and was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule (and to slow his pace considerably) to run along side me.  This weekend also marked the 118th running of the Boston Marathon.  Having been in Boston a year ago when the bombs went off,  there was something very uplifting about being in the presence of the guy that lead last year’s Boston Marathon for more than half the distance, on the anniversary weekend of that tragic day.

Rob was so relaxed and kept telling me there is still lots of training time left, which has made me go into this week with a new determination to put my head down and run hard until the taper.  He also gave me some great pointers on the course I will be covering in Ottawa.  The Le Team du Rob shirt arrived in the mail this week and I’m looking forward to wearing it in Canada’s capital and seeing him again.

Five weeks to go and my training schedule is full of long runs and speed.  The start line is in sight!

Sinéad Brunet is running the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon on May 25th, 2014 as part of the Le Team du Rob. Her blog can also be found at iRun.