A Team Behind a Team

by Domenic Caminiti, Le Team du Rob -

Over the past five months, I have discovered that training for a marathon requires a fair bit of dedication and commitment, as well as physical and mental endurance. The support from Rob has been awesome – nothing but optimism! My journey would never have been possible without some help from another special group of people who have provided me support in so many ways. I am not sure if they know it, but there were times when these folks propped me up when I really needed it.

My wife, Bonnie has been nothing but supportive, never once questioning the time I have spent training or my post long run “grumpiness”. She always had the coffee ready after my weekend runs and often asked if I how my runs went and was even my running buddy on occasion. I had timed the end of my last 32K run with Bonnie’s and my daughter, Taylor’s 10K training run … what a wonderful sight to see them on my final stretch home. They provided that little extra support for my ailing legs! My other two daughters, Francesca and Kierra provided encouragement in their own way, whether it was their gentle smile or sitting by my side doing ab exercises with me!

The Team Behind the Team

The Team Behind the Team

Having run a few half-marathons, I have never had any desire to run a full. Susan Marsh, Marketing Director for Run Ottawa and an old (woops, young) high school friend had been heckling me for years and telling me that only “real men run marathons”.  I had no problem accepting her jabs and consistently rejecting her provocations. In early January, Susan called and said “this is it, I need your answer by noon”.  Hellooooo …. I am pretty sure I was crystal clear … NO! I told her that I would go for a run and get back to her (i.e. say NO). It turned out to be a great run … a new marathoner was bred :-)  

Not only was Susan the driving force for getting me to sign up, but she has been an endless source of encouragement, information and heckling! She has provided numerous insights on nutrition, stretching, injury management (who thought golf balls and pineapples could do so much!) and the odd … “suck it up princess” when I complained!

There are some days when I really did not feel like running, be it the weather, fatigue, muscle soreness or plain ol’ laziness. I am very lucky to have colleagues at work who make time at least 2-3 days per week to run during lunch. On any given day, there could be anywhere from two to twelve runners. The reason not to go was so often surmounted by that little email reminder and the knowledge that there would be at least a few others who would push me along! Many runners, many styles … love the comradery, the chats, the hills, the sprints, and the competitive drive to “race” to from time to time (these are killer!).

Domenic Caminiti is running the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon on May 25th, 2014 as part of the Le Team du Rob. Find out more about Domenic and the team