On your mark. Get set. Blog!

2013 10K - Elite Men

You know the feeling you get when you bring a new pair of running shoes home? You open the box and hold those beautiful, lightweight, colourful, technical feats of footwear engineering in your hands ever so briefly before lacing them up and imagining the glorious runs to come?

Well, we feel that way today as we launch the new Run Ottawa blog. It’s light, colourful, nimble and will soon be full of images and stories to inspire new goals and achievements. We’re pumped!

We’ve called it On The Run, which is both a tip of a hat to one of Run Ottawa’s previous publications and a nod to how we think our running readers will use it: as the perfectly placed refueling station on the way to a new personal best.

As they say, you need fuel for both mind and body.

Every week we’ll be adding new stories covering topics like training, motivation, gear, and nutrition, as well as conversations with running experts and runners, from beginners to elites. We’ll also post some of the best articles from our Run Ottawa newsletter archive.

Once a month, we’ll send out blog highlights and an exclusive feature in our newsletter, The Pulse. 

Finally, if you’re wondering why the blog looks different from the current runottawa.ca website. Well, that’s because it’s a prototype.

Just like a new model of shoe given to elite athletes for testing, this blog is a way for us to put our new design and platform through its paces. So tell us if we’ve got a winner or if you see areas for improvement.

Okay, set your watches. Here we go. Our first feature is on Rob Watson and Le Team du Rob. You can follow their journey to the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon right here!